Biofabrication Masters Degree

International Master's Double Degree

From science fiction to reality: the dawn of the biofabricator

Recruitment for the BIOFAB degree has commenced in most of the participating universities. Students can apply directly to their home institution through links provided:

University of Wollongong: Applications for commencement in February 2017.

University Medical Center Utrecht: Applications for Commencement in September 2017 (now closed).

University of Würzburg: Applications for Commencement in October 2016 (now closed).

Queensland University of Technology: Applications for commencement in February 2017.

BIOFAB Degree in Germany: A description of the new Biofabrication laboratory in Würzburg and the BIOFAB Degree (in German).

biofab dalton lab


Biofabrication team makes breakthrough in creating 3D printed replacement body parts

Dutch scientists develop 3D printed fiber structures for bone cartilage repair on a large scale


QUT BIOFAB Students in Würzburg

The first overseas BIOFAB students from QUT discuss their experiences in Würzburg.



biofab dutch news





BIOFAB University Medical Center Utrecht on BBC Click

A report on the biofabrication research at the BIOFAB Partner Utrecht (at minute 9).


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