Each university has its own set of criteria for entry.

For University of Würzburg enrolments for Winter Semester 2018/19, click here.

Students involved in the BIOFAB degree will perform their 10-month research component at ONE other of the participating institutions and will obtain their double degree from both their original (e.g. University of Würzburg) and host institution (e.g. QUT, Brisbane or University of Wollongong, near Sydney). To be eligible for the double-degree component, students from Australian universities must visit their European counterparts and vice versa. Any coursework that is required for the student as part of their degree will be completed at their home institution, while the mobility scholarship is supporting the student while they perform research projects at their host institutions.

Each university has its own local version of this degree and can be completed as a single degree in the respective city.

biofab figure 5th May

Flow chart outlining the student mobility within BIOFAB, with numbers of students shown in the arrow heads. We aim to recruit only FIVE students per institution annually and build an international network of researchers in this field.