BIOFAB is a program to initiate and establish the first Masters degree in additive manufacturing for biomedical applications. Our long-term goal is to provide students with the necessary skills to perform, innovate and lead this next revolution in manufacturing. BIOFAB will attract students from all walks of life – medicine, physics, chemistry, mathematics and biology, then train them in essential skills for working in additive manufacturing industries. The mobility component of BIOFAB will allow the international placement of students so they understand international expectations while appreciating cultural differences.

Our double degree will be through both courses and research – building up the necessary skills for the student while allowing them to put their experiences into practice. We envision that 20 students from Europe and 20 students from Australia will be part of BIOFAB and take part in the mobility component, and we anticipate that our double degree program will be permanently established beyong the period of initial funding. Faculty mobility will assist in the establishment, planning and delivery of the courses while providing guidance to BIOFAB students on their international placement. BIOFAB will provide an opportunity for Australians and Europeans to each others culture: crucial for achieving a global perspective and strengthening the ties between our two communities.