In total, BIOFAB aims to provide a thorough research experience for a total of 40 European and Australian students. Since one of BIOFAB’s key objectives is to form the backbone of a new generation of researchers, generating a sense of community and cultural understanding between the students is extremely important for the programme. Due to the interdisciplinary nature of biofabrication, even well-rounded graduates will require collaborations throughout their professional career. Effective teamwork is an integral part of both academic and industrial collaborations and we intend to foster a sense of community within the BIOFAB programme. We hope that this cultural collegiality will result in many students having life-long professional relationships and friendships.
BIOFAB plans to establish a culture of excellence and cooperation within the research programme. We foresee that the first cohort of students to interact and exchange within this Collaborative Double Master’s Degree will set the example and become future mentors for following students. Therefore, BIOFAB will place an extra emphasis on the first cohort of students. Also, we will partner students up to work together during their ten month host institution assignment, preferably with a student with a complementary background, so they can contribute their own biofabrication knowledge while supporting each other.